//consider: with the preload, may want to notify user bg loading is happening, but not block them from seeing the products. // - loader bar across the top of the filters? ajax finish ++ / total ajax? guestimate total ajax/4 ajax at a time*3secs per ajax? // - simple text note "More products are being filtered" ? // - nothing: Although the filter system offers a lot of non-shopify options, nearly everything used to date is still within S's native collections or collections/tag // this means the preload page is going to be the actual page.
//TODO: needs grid css to put the filters on the left. Might also want to hide/show filter block. // - maybe: use a drawer to hold filters. On mobile, would let you flip back and // forth. on desktop, would let you scroll both independently. //TODO: mobile filter, either the drawer or the MWK style //TODO: COMPARISON SHOP concept //TEST: QUICKVIEW //TODO: ARIA on the product grid
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